About TangoHelena

We are a non-profit corporation founded in 2008

The TangoHelena community reaches beyond Helena to tango dancers across Montana and the Northwest with workshops and festivals.
 Our mission is to foster a community that enjoys, learns, and celebrates Argentine tango dancing (and has fun in the process! )
We have a staff of part-time teachers.  Everything else that we do is done by volunteers, so we stretch a dollar a long way.  TangoHelena is run by a volunteer Board of Directors.  The Board delegates a lot of work to committees, and we are always looking for volunteers to join with us on these committees.  For more info, call Phil or Grace at 449-5541.
Board Members:
Phil Robison, President
Gabrielle Ostermayer, Vice President
Barb Burkland, Treasurer
John Gatchell
Debra Bullington